Comfort Typing Pro

Comfort Typing Pro 9.0

Creates all kinds of messages and documents using templates

Comfort Typing Pro is a Windows application that reduces repetitive typing tasks; using auto completion or custom text assigned to hotkeys. With it, users can easily insert common predefined phrases, templates, passwords, switch current keyboard language and more.

The program is easy to configure and integrates as an add-in that automatically works when using a Word processor or when typing data in the Web and other forms. The interface is a simple window where the users will setup shortcut keys and define words, phrases and other features for the automatic functions.

Fortunately for the users, this version is multilingual and will work in 5 languages including Russian and Spanish. Comfort Typing is very useful since users can define text templates in Rich text format to quickly be inserted in MS Word, Outlook, Open Office, etc. Users can also define the auto-complete words to be inserted, as well as defining hotkeys to insert signatures, date, time, change the letter case, etc.

In addition, users can create macros (a series of steps to perform a task), setup the program in a network to enable multiple users, and assign a particular sound to a specific key.

This is a great utility; it works on Win XP and newer, plus it helps users to take advantage of time when tedious typing sets back working efficiency.

Max Santillana
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  • Insert predefined text with a key stroke
  • Switch language instantly
  • Insert passwords,date, time, signatures and useful texts easily
  • Invert letter case
  • Create ad Insert text templates
  • Automatic text


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